Our added value exercise is an analysis that we do annually of the externalities derived from our operation.

What is an externality?

An externality is any positive or negative impact that the company generates towards third parties, representing for them costs and / or benefits that are not being reflected in our financial statements.

Why do we measure them?

The VAS allows us to monetize positive and negative impacts that would otherwise go unnoticed in our financial year. Measuring our externalities helps us identify where we are generating value and how we are causing negative impacts on society and allows us to have accurate and up-to-date information for decision-making.

Through this theme we contribute to:
  1. Generating extraordinary solutions for our clients
  2. Give more accurate answers to the interests and needs of our stakeholders
  3. Ensure the sustainability of our business
  4. Contribute to transparency in the sector
  5. Raise awareness among stakeholders and society about the positive and negative impacts of our business

The net value to the company in 2019 was USD806.5, that is, 3.80 times the retained profit.

In 2019, the profit retained by Argos amounted to USD2,212.2, 2.97% less than that reported in 2018, this decrease corresponds to a marginal reduction in ebitda 2019 compared to 2018 and an increase of about 22% in payment income tax.